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We seek to be the #1 web community for individuals in the vocational rehabilitation industry and disability community seeking to connect to resources, news and community members.




VR Horizons exists to connect individuals seeking resources in the vocational rehabilitation industry. Our goal is to be impactful through every service we provide, whether it is blogging, attending an event or covering vocational rehabilitation policy.

The VR Horizons community is based on three principles to educate and benefit our members:

  • Learn: Providing resources to individuals to learn more about the vocational rehabilitation and disability communities.
  • Share: Create a venue for community members to share experiences, educational findings and opinions.
  • Connect: Host a space for individuals in the VR field to connect and create useful dialogue about disabilities, emerging technology and policy.

VR Horizons is free to all those seeking disability and VR resources. We invite you to take part in this interactive community of practice and start leading the way!

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VR Horizons is always looking to expand our community contributors. 
If you have any questions, comments, or would like to provide feedback please feel free to contact us.