TransitionSpot is the newest resource to join VR Horizons expanding catalog of resources for the community. TransitionSpot serves individuals in the Oklahoma City community, helping individuals prepare for the workforce. Utilizing targeted career planning and life coaching, TransitionSpot helps individuals understand the ever changing landscape of job hunting.

The services provided by TransitionSpot are invaluable for individuals, especially those students in high school preparing for the next steps to employment. On the TransitionSpot website, there are a host of articles and blogs with tips and tricks on preparing for internships, career planning and job skills. TransitionSpot also can be found on social media sites such as Twitter, and often posts the latest news or blogs on career planning.

Vice President of TransitionSpot, Bekah Mercer notes that the TransitionSpot website provides a one-stop solution for career assessment. They also provide online budget development for individuals to prepare for costs of education and living expenses.

If you would like more information on TransitionSpot and how you can utilize their services, read the TransitionSpot blog or visit