The world’s third largest manufacture of toys, Lego, has recently unveiled a figurine in a wheelchair. The newest minifigure is a part of a new Lego CITY set that will be available at stores around the world by June 2016. Toy makers around the globe have been feeling mounting pressure from thousands to create toys that reflect people of all abilities, skin color and shapes and sizes.

Recently, online campaign #ToyLikeMe, has accumulated over 20,000 signatures in an online petition to have Lego produce minifigures that represent individuals with disabilities. #ToyLikeMe was created in 2015 to reduce the lack of representation for individuals with disabilities in the toy industry. The #ToyLikeMe Facebook page features stories celebrating children with disabilities and modifications on toys that were self-created and toy industry stories.

The 84 year old toy company is among the first to start the shift towards representing disabilities in toys. The overall reaction has been positive. The wheelchair minifigure made a showing at the Nuremberg toy fair in Germany in February and was positively reviewed.