Over 217 million people in the world are severely visually impaired or blind. This is also a world of continuous technologization, but it is somewhat surprising that high-tech assistance for the visually impaired took so long. Now, there’s a Bluetooth-enabled “smart cane” for the blind called WeWALK — and its goal is to completely transform the way the visually impaired navigate their world.

The WeWALK is a touchpad attachment that can be fastened to any cane, transforming it into a smart cane. It uses ultrasonic sensors to warn the user of nearby obstacles by vibrating the handle. These sensors detect not only ground-level hindrances but also objects hanging down at head or chest level.

It also features a USB input that can be used to charge the battery, with one full charge lasting up to five hours of usage time.

This smart cane can be paired with most Android and iOS-based smartphones, which means it can integrate with applications like Google maps for personalized step by step directions. It can also pair with ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft.

The smart cane can thus help those with visual impairments to more easily and independently travel, especially in big cities.

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